When I was young, I designed Zelda dungeons in grid books, roamed half-built houses, and wanted to build a trap-laden forest temple in the woods.

I soon found myself playing classic indie games, such as Seiklus and Cave Story, and came to realise that making my own games was possible. One or two times, I experienced an overwhelming sense of awe when playing these games, and in those moments knew with clarity that I wanted to spend my life bringing that feeling to other people. I booted up Game Maker for the first time in 2004 and convinced myself that I was going to be a game developer — that I was going to bring an overwhelming sense of awe to people through the mediums of creative work.

Before I die, I am going to bring that overwhelming sense of awe to you.


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Here are some games that I've made ― Most are weekend projects made for Ludum Dare. Some are collaborative works. Keep a look out for more in the future!
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  • // The Outside Within .
  • #Mystery
  • // Shifter .
  • #Puzzle Action
  • // Atop A Dark Mountain .
  • #Arcade Action
  • // Depth .
  • #Experimental Maze
  • // Junkbot .
  • #Adventure Platformer
  • // Parental Guidance .
  • #Mystery
  • // Mainstreet .
  • #Arcade Action
  • // Finding Yourself .
  • #Technical Platformer
  • // Dueler .
  • #Arcade Action
  • // Golden .
  • #Exploration Platformer
  • // Heartiac Arrest .
  • #Platformer

  • ― TOOLS ―


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    In case you wanted to escape the role of consumer and start creating, yourself, I've compiled this list of tools that have been a great help to me on my journey.
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    A great game development tool with the ability to export your games to various formats for different platforms. I've been using this tool for forever, and YoYo Games has done a good job of giving me no reason to move on.

    If you want to make flash games, this is the tool for you. Hit up the tutorials section for everything you need to get started. When I ventured away from Game Maker, I delved into ActionScript 3 with Flashpunk, and that was only positive.


    The perfect tool for pixel artists. It has pretty much all the features you could want. The biggest of which I'd say is the ability to add frames and animate your sprites.

    If digital painting is more your thing, and Photoshop is above the budget, get this. You may have a little bit of trouble setting up your graphics tablet with it, but it's worth it.

    Nice free alternative to Photoshop. This was my sole image manipulation tool before adding Aseprite and PaintTool SAI to the mix.


    Free, simple yet powerful piano-roll music composition tool, made by the creator of Cave Story. There's also a brilliant English fan-made user manual with added goodies to get you going, which you can find here.

    This is my favourite chiptune music tracker software. I find myself drifting between this and PxTone, depending on the vibe I'm going for.

    Chip tracker for Gameboy. If you wanna go hardcore hardware with thick chiptunes like the cool kids these days, grab yourself an original Gameboy and an LSDJ cart. Or, you know, an emulator works too, I guess.


    A nice, simple tool for capturing timelapses of your computer screen. I generally capture at 1 frame every 9.6 seconds, and assemble at 30 frames per second. This turns 24 hours into exactly 5 minutes.

    This is a good program for last minute chirpy sound effects. You can set the parameters and generate a variety of sound effects within seconds. This has definitely saved me within the hour before deadline.

    ✦ MISC ✦

    Open Broadcaster Software

    The best software I've come accross for capturing video. As the title suggests, this is also the ultimate live streaming tool.

    Sublime Text Editor

    With crazy features such as multiple selection, this text editor has become my new favourite.

    A good, basic online tool for making truetype fonts.

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